Noble Families of the Empire

There are countless noble houses within the confines of the empire. The attempts made to catalog them here are necessarily incomplete, and will be updated as time allows.

Houses Major

House Alere.

While not a Ducal house, the Alere family has controlled Bataille for seven generations and the county of Dirkshire as well. Assisted in this task by the formidable Telendril the Illuminated, the counts of Bataille play an important role in the transmission of goods and taxes from the western portions of the empire to the imperial court.

The current Count of Bataille, Robart Alere “the Sword,” has maintained a carefully neutral position in the political debates of the imperial court.

The House of Alere bears a green field upon which the towered walls of grey Bataille stand.

House Amarell.

House Amvor.

The Dukes of Seareach. Classically in Thyrnessan and hearthlander history, the Duchy of Seareach has carried with it immeasurable power in shaping policy. The dukes stand for freedom from royal and imperial control, while the Galoen house ever grasps for more demesne and accreted powers. Thus, the Dukes of Seareach have been traditionally opposed to the throne and scepter.

The current duke, Theolus Amvor, is the leader of the anti-imperial faction known as the Ipsento (those who speak for themselves) and as such has managed to stir quite a bit of resentment up towards himself and his family in the imperial court.

The Dukes of Seareach have two carracks facing one another upon a blue field with a golden spear impaling the lot.

House Anarjent.

The Anarjents are a new family. They were raised by the emperor when he was still the Ardon Ry. In X475 Darius Anarjent was created the Duke of Goldhook and granted the rights and incomes of that station. Since then he has had a brood of blond-haired children and married a Valelan of no little power.

The Dukes of Anarjent bear ten golden pillars (the Thyrnessan coin) upon a checkered field of red and blue.

House Galoen.

House Paix.

House Savont.

Houses Minor

House Estermont.

House Radcliffe.

House Stonely.

Ruling over the Lonely Lands barony of Stonely, the Stonelies have protected their lands back into the mists of time when the Lonely Lands and Bataille were governed from Lanard’s Watch as the Kingdom of Avaria. The current baron is Aven Stonely who is married to Elena Stonely and they have a small clutch of children up in the Lands.

The sign of Stonely is a mason’s trowel in silver on a field of blue.

House Taerlen.

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Noble Families of the Empire

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