Mindare Trading Outpost

Elvish Trading Town Population: 500 Government: Master Merchant Haienon

The town of Mindaré is protected by granite walls embedded with rich luxuriant lapis and tiles of vibrant ceramic. It is a small elvish outpost, providing a place for caravans to stop in this hostile land. Haienon is a member of the elvish trading company known as the Silver Tree; the town itself owes allegiance to distant Tailimisä and the Gwydereon.

Entrance to Mindaré costs a silver coin for every person and three for each wagon or horse. However, the coin pays for lodging there at the House of the Silver Tree for an evening. Few of the normal trappings of a town are present, as the entire place is maintained at the cost of the Silver Tree.

Master Merchant Haienon maintains his quarters in a high open-topped spiral tower that overlooks the outpost central square.

Other Amenities. The local Mindaré armorsmith, Findon Amanwé, is known for quality work. His compatriots, Elede Tyr (the weaponsmith) and their apprentices do most of the smithing for the outpost and the elven merchants in the region.

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Mindare Trading Outpost

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