Town Population: 4,000 Government: Guvor Noroz, the Noroz House

The town of Mincolos is a settlement on the Mincol River, which drains the great reservoirs of the Whip Range down to the sea. Mincolos is a major stabling center for slaves on their way to the sea from the interior or to the interior from the sea. It sits on the southern side of the Mincol and draws its considerable water needs from the clear mountain streams. It has many large pens and walled stations for holding slaves on the move, as well as three major inn-houses, each run by a local family under Noroz patronage.

The town is governed by Guvor Noroz, the young cousin of Kaesan. The town once belonged to House Pyre before Kaesan outmaneuvered them into nonexistence. The old garish Pyre estate still sits in the town center, though all of its red paint and flame-motifs have been replaced by less political signs.

The clergy of Claustrum have a strong presence in this town, dominating the religious space of the public. At the center of town is one of the Claustrum’s stones, a huge rock that has been cut from the earth and exposed to the sky. It is wrapped with chains, and those that defy the temple and are judged by Guvor to be within their jurisdiction are executed by being chained to the rock and whipped by the chained priests until they expire.

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