Size: 3,500 Government: Seat of the Governor of Ferling, under his direct administration Militia: Detachment of Sword Militant guards

Michelstadt lies out on the Pinefell plain and is one of the largest settlements in the Vales. When Vale-wide matters come into consideration, most of the governors meet here at Michelstadt. The old administrative building of the Teralian trade commission has been reclaimed by the Governors of Ferling to use as their personal offices and homes, and has an almost fortress like feeling to its tall stone walls.

The town lies in a small fold of the land, and stretches up over the side of a nearby hill. The flat lowland area is where the Michelstadt Market (famed for its variety, as Michelstadt lies on a trade nexus between the South and Dorlan) which is well known throughout the Vales. It is a common Vales saying, in fact, to say “it might be in the Michelstadt Market,” to mean “I don’t know where it is.” The Governor’s estate fittingly abuts one end of the Market.

The town has a pleasant demeanor to outsiders, as it thrives mostly on the trade that comes up to Dorlan. That being said, the town also has a large hinterland of farms that stretch out for nearly five miles in any given direction. These are owned directly by the town and as such are administered by the serfs of the Governor. The food generated by these farms is stored in a large granary building on the top of Michels Hill next to a Temple of Eleia. This temple administers the grain dole once a month, giving out sacks of grain to the neediest of townsfolk who do not grow their own or buy it. The remainder of the grain is then sold at market at the lowest available grain-cost.

There are five inns in Michelstadt, the most well-known being the Michels Frothing Mug which is located on the slope of Michels Hill. This particular Frothing Mug has a subcellar mined into the rocky gut of the hillside where the monks carry out their brewing. This has, in the past, been quite a sight for adventuring, as the subcellar has a secret connection to a ruined system of Teralain houses below the town which includes the infamous lair of Fanduil the Fire-Mage (which has attracted adventurers since time-out-of-mind).

There are three major temples within the city and one minor one. The Hierean Temple is the wealthiest and best-situated, being on the marketplace proper. Directly adjacent to the market is the Temple of Fortuna which bears an enlarged Thyrnessen coin above its entrance. The third temple is at the edge of town and the largest. This is a temple to Eleia and Avauna and contains mostly female clergy.

The smaller temple, on Michels Hill, is an out-of-the-way temple dedicated to both Galos and Quill and serves the local scholars and gnomes.

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