(The Sorrowing, the Lady of the Waters, the Mistress of Sorrows, the Seawife)

Intermediate Goddess, CG
Portfolio: Travelers, sadness, the sea, pain
Aliases: Meina the Pale
Domain Name:
Superior: Cavalian
Allies: Anunia, Heimir
Foes: Dinismayl, Tharos, Cavalian
Symbol: A heavy-lidded eye dripping a single tear
Worshipper Alignment: NG, CG, NE, CE, LE

Meri (MEH-ree) is the Goddess of the deeps. She is was captured by Cavalian in the Dawn Age and dragged deep beneath the sea to be his bride. There she dwells in a great coral palace, ever apart from her husband (save for a few times a year when they are said to return to one another). She is a sad, weeping goddess, who feels sorrow for all living things and seeks to ease their paths through life.

In appearance she is a heartbreakingly beautiful elf maid with green hair and green eyes. She rarely appears to mortals, be they priests or no.

The Church
Clergy: Specialty priests, sailors
Clergy’s Alignment: CG
Turn Undead: Yes
Command Undead: No

The temple of Meri is a widespread one amongst the elves. Since they ply the seas often, they make many offerings to Meri to counteract the ill-will of Cavalian on travelers. Most elvish captains seek out a Merianite shrine before departing for the open sea, and thus there is a great need for her temples to be established and well-off in each port.

Merianite establishments have a single hierarchy within each kingdom where her temples are found. They are essentially and functionally separate organizations, though the Great Hierophant of each recognizes the other Great Hierophants as her equals.

Merianite temples that do not fall under any of the established regions are on their own, lead not by a Hierophant but by a mere Seaspeaker.

Temples are organized into a simple structure. The lowest rank of the priesthood is the novitiate, who serve as temple attendants and do most of the drudgework. Like many elven religions, temple servants spend nearly eighty years before they are granted the opportunity to advance.

Those that do become Seasingers (whether they can use magic or not). The Seasingers comprise a good number of the ordained priests of any given temple. Each temple is itself run by a Seaspeaker, who may appoint the Seasingers to various offices which include the Master of Rites and Ceremonies, the Lamentor, and the Keeper of Novices.

Dogma: Ease the pain and comfort the burdened, for Meri herself would have it be so.

Day-to-Day Activities: Priests of Meri often tend to the sick, the poor, and those in great sorrows. They are also constantly amongst sailors and dockhands, blessing ships for journeys and curing ills that have been incurred upon the sea.

Holy Days/Important Ceremonies: Major Centers of Worship:
Affiliated Orders:
Priestly Vestments:
Adventuring Garb:

Seasinger of Meri
(Specialty Priest)

WEAPONS: Nets, man-catcher, quarterstaff, harpoon, trident; Seasingers are restricted to natural armors
MAJOR SPHERES: All, Charm, Creation, Elemental (water), Guardian, Healing, Necromantic, Summoning, Travelers
MINOR SPHERES: Animals (aquatic only), Elemental (air), Plant, Protection, Sun
MAGICAL ITEMS: The same as priests.
REQ. PROFS: Swimming, Healing
BONUS PROFS: Religion (Meri), Weather Sense

Seasingers can relieve pain or fear effects with a calming touch. Once per day, the Seasinger can attempt to soothe emotion by laying-on of hands. The target makes a saves vs. spell (which it may willingly choose to fail). If it is affected, a peaceful calm comes over the creature, lasting for 10 minutes per level of the priest. During this calm, the subject is completely complacent and peaceable. Any creature in combat when this ability is used will cease fighting.
At 3rd level, the Seasinger may perform the kiss of life once per week for every three levels attained. This kiss will bring back a subject from the brink of death; anyone at 0 hp or less will return with 1d4 hp remaining. This kiss is a literal breathing of life into the target; as such, the Seasinger is instantly reduced to 1d4 hp upon using it.
The kiss must be used within 10 minutes of passing below -10 hp (for a PC) or of death (for an NPC) and there must be enough bodily remains to deliver the kiss to the target’s lips. If they are in pieces, for example, they will likely bleed to death again.
At 5th level, the Seasinger radiates a calming aura that grants all friendly characters a +2 bonus to save against any fear effects or spells that would adversely agitate their emotions.
In addition, the Seasinger may use the spell emotion control: sadness and emotion control: hopelessness once each per day.
At 7th level, the Seasinger may use the spell Airy Water once per week. It is cast as though by a 12th-level wizard.
At 10th level, the Seasinger gains the ability to cast water breathing three times per day.
At 15th level, the Seasinger can attempt to share the depthless sorrows of Meri with any individual once per week. This takes a touch of flesh to flesh contact; the subject is permitted a saving through versus paralyzation to avoid the effects. If they fail, they are forced to experience Meri’s agonizing torments in their mind, reducing their Intelligence and Wisdom to scores of 3 as they become stark, raving mad. This fate persists for one day for every level the Seasinger has obtained.

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