Mannish Religion

“Religion is for the priesthood. Prayer is for the people.”

Attributed to Lawkeeper Davyn de Valle, 8th Age

The cults of the North

Religion in the northern regions of Arunë is centered around a series of cults (see Gods of Men or Temples for more details) that dominate the religious scene. These powerful cults are composed primarily of the inner priesthoods; the lay worshipers have very little involvement with the day to day activities of religion. They do not, for example, attend any type of religious services other than the great feasts or celebrations. Religious activity can easily be divided, in fact, distinctly into two types: the type meant for the Inner Temple and the type meant for the outdoors.

Many temples allow mendicants inside for private prayers and recollections, but the deeper sanctums are reserved for priests and devoted inner members of the cult only. Sacrifices and public ceremonies are usually performed in the out-of-doors. Admittance into a temple’s inner circle is difficult and a very time consuming process. Of course, most nobles have membership in one or more cults.

Thus, northern religions can be divided into three basic categories of worshiper:

  • The Priesthood
  • The Inner Cult
  • Lay Worshipers

Fully ninety percent of worshipers (including adventurers) never achieve Inner Cult status, and instead remain lay worshipers for their entire lives, ignorant of the true secrets of the Inner Cult and the Secret Sanctums.

Some temples lack the designation of the Inner Cult; notably, these are the Hierean Temple and the Temple of the Quill. Within these two major temples of the north there are only the lay worshipers and the directly ordained Priesthood.

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Mannish Religion

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