Mamil al-Tyfir

City Governance: The Mage Regent, Khulumurg the Mighty Population: 150,000 Defenses: Spellwards, City Garrison


al-Tyfir is the last great goblin city to stand against Vagrysj. It is the largest of the cities that remains unconquered by the Lion and as such it is the head of the league (sometimes called the League of Tyfir) that has formed amongst the westernmost goblin cities. It is a city possessed of extreme wealth in precious metals, stones, and knowledge. It shares much in common with the Free Cities, with which it does most of its trade.

al-Tyfir is often thought of as a sister-city to Blackport, similar in many respects. It is ruled by the Mage Regent, the Adonin Khulumurg, who has in his lifetime done his best to tie the cities fortunes with the mannish West.

The city is divided into several major districts, each bound by geography and purpose. Between the hills lies the Sooq district, which is devoted to great marketplaces. Atop the eastern hill is the Raqib district, where the cities’ knights and soldiers dwell. On the northern hill stands the district of the Afsun, the wizard’s quarter. It is called this not because it bears any concentration of wizards beyond the rest of the city but because it is the location of the Palace Afsuna, where the Mage Regent resides. The southern hill is known as the Kacha, that is the “slum.” It is a place where mercenaries, foreigners, and other undesirables (such as the poor) must live. Directly west of the Sooq district are the wealthy Hafat (shore) and Arasta (temple) districts.

The architectural style of al-Tyfir rivals the greatest and eldest architecture in the moon kingdoms. Minarets are a common feature, most notably adorned with precious stones and metals, which proclaim the wealth and status of the houses which build them. It has become a custom in al-Tyfir for competing families and wizards to attempt to raise the highest minarets; the very tallest belong the Circle of Mamuth, a group of mages who literally levitate their workers up to the top to build scaffolds.

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al-Tyfir can trace its history back to the great migrations of the goblins as one of the first settlements on the western shores of the Moon Lands. However, it was a simple trading post for many centuries and indeed was even uninhabited off and on throughout the Ages. The current city of al-Tyfir was definitively founded in X.97 in response to the rise of trade in the Free Cities. With the market open for Zhongghouan silks, Mugharian gemstones, Hadashi finery, and the spices of the Moon Lands, the little trading camp was soon the location of more permanent fixtures.

Unlike the cities of Mamil al-Miyah (Medyna to the westerners) or Mamil al-Junwab al-Tyfir has little in the ways of ancient history. Four hundred years old, it is amongst the newer cities of the goblin lands. Its walls were raised in X.232 after the rapacious slaughters of its citizenry and theft of its wealth by its ancient enemy, Mamil al-Hadad. Since that date, a mage-regent has been elected to ruled the city by its most prominent nobles.

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The Sooq District

al-Tyfir’s oldest district is the Sooq, or Market. It stands in the shadow of the high hills of the interior, surrounded on three sides by hilltops. In the old days, the Sooq district comprised the entire city, but now it is dedicated to wide open market places and broad boulevards so goods can be transported from the docks or from the trading posts further inland.

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Mamil al-Tyfir

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