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All ye 10th Age lovers, there are now free text-only copies of the Atlas of Arunia Ecumenia and the Cults and Temples of the Middle World available! These can be found here.

Notes on pronunciation: Any vowel with an umlaut is probably from an Elvish word. In the northern dialect of the Elvish tongue (called Solë) the umlaut is pronounced as though the vowel had a “y” preceding it. Thus, Solë is pronounced “solyeh” and Arunë is “arunyeh.”

The combinatory æ (appears as ae most of the time) is pronounced as the Latin ae – thus, Haeron is High-ron, as the pronunciation is that of a long i.

Regions and Places

Peoples of Arunë


Religion in Arunë

Magic in Arunë

Ralashari Magic

Priestly Spells

The Book of Magic

Arcanology of the Ages

Magical Devices

Philosophies of Magic

The Forbidden Art

Pact Magic

Timekeeping in Arunë

Timeline of the Tenth Age

Other ways of Timekeeping

Writing of Arunë


Delicacies of Arunë

Vintages, alphabetically by region

Dice, Cards, and other Sacred Hazards


Flora and Fauna

Smokeleaf, alphabetically by region



Sayings and Slang

A fragment of the starstone of Lumiä

Main Page

Abridged History of the 10th Age Vortor