Magical Devices

Many races have mastered the art of making magical things. The dwarves are chief amongst these craftsmen even though they cast no spells of their own. Their magic is in metal and stonecraft, in binding great powers to small things. Men, too, are expert in this task and work with gnomes oft to create strange devices of potency. Elves craft weapons magical in nature, and staves and powerful gems containing much might.

Magical materials

Magic Items of Arunë

Fegaro’s Battle Seat of Marvels


Eldanor (sun-fire)

Sleeping Poison

The Golden Breath

Armor of Shadows

Dwarven lantern

Dwarven plate mail

Engineer’s magnifier

Greenstone ring

Ghoul’s Hand

The kivanen

Found magical Items

Marcore amulet of protection

Marocre shortsword

Artifact Level Magic

The Axe of Woe

The Hammer of Eternity

The Evercrown


The Imperial Helm”:


Magical Devices

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