Maara Avenan

This is a poem written by an elvish court poet some time in the Fourth Age for an unnamed prince of the Greatwood.


Oh prince turn thy ear to the song that I sing

I fashioned this tale so that when you are king

you shall know all the lores of ancestral days

and lead the fair folk down a thousand bright ways!


I name first the Gods from when world was young

Noronë the wise, thy praises are sung

as first Avena in power and grace.

Named you the gardens that grew in that place:


Edellä above, Valingas as men say,

Æ∂heim say those from the Mountains of Grey.

At the sound of they voice the water welled up

and each of the Gods drank full from thy cup.


Immortal-sweet wine gave you to he

Lumiä of Light who would betray thee.

Next to Anunë passed the life-water sweet

as the running streams flowed fast by his feet.


Then next passed the cup to the smith Calëron,

maker of law, the lore, and the dawn.

And also drank there cunning Solmiön.


He who does weave tapestry of time

crippled and wounded by Lumiä’s first crime.

Seniä drank then with Aloran

and that was how their fair love began.


Came also then Tulä the mistress of spring

who after would fashion each bright growing thing.

Anunë saw as she sipped the water of life

and vowed he there then to win her to wife.


Up from the fountain then sprang there the Lady

Meri the one who was mistress of Sea.

But she was dragged down by Kavalien

the dark one called Vodei by men.


Tallifer came with his sword and his shield

down on the riverbank they he did yeild

and drank he as well from Noronë’s life giving drink

and fast into slumber did warrior sink.


Runeiä, Seäd, and foul Fyrash

all three then came where the waters did wash

and begged they the First for just a small sip

and eached the goblet just once to his lip.


Eirun the father of Earth he came last.

He carried his own goblet fashioned of glass

and he dipped it in deep to the water fine

and took he a draught of the immortal wine.


These are the Avena the Gods of the Earth.

If my young prince is of noblest birth

he shall recall all the words that I sing

and one day shall make a most excellent king.

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Maara Avenan

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