Hamlet Population: ~500 Defenses: Curfew, the Hedge


Lonling is the very farthest of the Lamp Country settlements and the inhabitants of the town view themselves as a sort of fortress under siege. For many years the town elders have kept a strict curfew; when the sun is beginning to set the chimes of Rockbottom Temple are rung to call in anyone on the outside. By the time the sun has completely set the doors of the Hedge are locked and all townsfolk must be within it. There are two Deputies in the town and their position is nothing more or less than to watch over the doors through the Hedge while they are open during the day. Normally, these is a very dull job. However, the deputies are also gossip wardens for the people of Lonling bring them food during their watches and talk about all manner of town gossip. It is said that if you want to know something in Lonling, all you have to do is buy a deputy a drink.

In the center of town, upon the paved circle, there stands a thrice lifesize statue of Leesha Roseheart with a bronze bowl in her cupped hands were offerings are burnt. Just opposite the statue, dug into Rockbottom Hill, is the entrance to the Rockbottom Temple which honors Leesha and where the children of the town are told the stories of the Greensward. Around the statue is a verge of grass where townsfolk can sit and chat.

Also along the green in the center of town is the single inn that services troops on their way to and from the Lonely Lands. It is rarely used, but the High Lawkeeper and the Temple Of Miles itself pays for its upkeep. It’s called the Cracked Crock, and serves more often as a bar and meeting place for the townsfolk. It has been used as an impromptu town hall in the past (during the great Ogre Incursions of X445 when the town hall was smashed) and has a long and colored history in the Lamp Country. “Outlandish as a Cracked Crock,” is a saying that has developed around its colorful atmosphere.

The town meeting hall belongs to Elder Samson Barker and also contains his house. It can be reached by following a rough path up Rockbottom Hill to its summit where the large halfling-style hill-manor sprawls. The town hall is surrounded by a high stone wall that runs down to the Hedge.

A few miles south lies Old Hickory’s orchard, the largest apple orchard in the border regions.

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