Farmstead Population: 30-50 Governance:Ellene the Forester

Lonestead is a small outpost along the western trails to Southfen. It was once an Avarine stronghold, but the wild has mostly reclaimed its walls and outbuildings. Today, Ellene the Forest and her small clergy of Emineans watch over the place. It serves as a shrine to the Goddess of the Wild and the Moon. The Foresters have raised a wooden palisade around the central building, which is a temple converted from the old stone shell of the New Avarine manorhouse that stood there.

Lonestead’s clerics will offer free lodgings for any travelers in the region. Additionally, Lonestead has a small roadshrine to Vaela (though no Vaelan clerics are attendant).

The temple itself is a long stone hall with a small dormitory for the clergy and private inner temples attached to the north (one of the long) end. The entire grounds of the old manor are overgrown with plants and bushes that have been left to grow in whatever manner comes natural to them; they are untended save for a single path of crushed white limestone that leads to the temple.

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