Vecchia: Treola Belledon

Mage’s Seat: Belledon

“Ah, my home of Llun! What joy there is in north Dorlan, and what glooms as well. Mists off the Moonholme Sea, storms and the rage of Vodei from the east, and Essadi sea-raiders to the west. Wait, did I say what joy?” -Reynarius di Llun

Llun is a jutting spit of land that lies between the River of Llun and the Sea of Llun on the north and southern sides. In the west, the two mountain ranges of the Deretho and Acaro separate the low hills of Llun from the high mountains of Norano, though the Ironroad connects the two regions.

Llun is the seat of many prominent Dorlish shipping dynasties, including the infamous di Lluns, originally of Llunport. The Vence and Ordale families (respectively holding the Magistracies of Portomagno and Unara) are both extremely wealthy. They are the founding members of two competing Llunite trade charters, namely the Traders of the Tower and the Ironway Merchants.

Administratively, Llun is under the authority of the Vecchia Treloa Belledon, the Magistrate of the city who’s name she bears. The outlying regions are each administered from one of the five urban magistracies of Portomagno, Unara, Piarra, Syfoni, and Llunport.

The Urban Magistracies (by population)

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