Lanelus Aurora

“Let the fire of your heart spill forth and teach the darkness its virtue,” Traditional Avaunite Auroran blessing
Lesser God Alignment: CG Portfolio: the dawn, the morning, valor

One of the many minor gods of men, Lanelus Aurora is the Dawnrider and Lamptreader who sits atop a perch on the Lamp of the Sun and defends it from darkness while it crosses through the lower world. For this reason, the Lantern has come to be associated with the mystic symbolism of a glowing heart that is strong with valor.

Lanelus has no temples of his own, but Avaunite priests recognize his divinity and many Avaunite shrines bear side-altars or small eidolons of his image. It is common for those seeking moral strength to pray first to Avauna and then to her child, Lanelus.

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Lanelus Aurora

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