Lanard's Watch

Town Population: 4,000 Government: Captain of the Watch Amory Lunly Defenses: Lonely Lands Watch

Lanard’s Watch competes with Northgate for the status of the largest township in the Lonely Lands. The Watch takes in refugees from the Waste and those who are driven south due to the constant violence in the regions threatened by Overking Thymrik. The town of Lanard’s Watch is so named as it was the birthplace of the infamous Peppinid king of the same name; there are several statues to him scattered throughout the town.

Lanard’s Watch serves as a central place for marketing and administration, helped by in its status by the presence of an old royal basilica built when it was a northern capital of the Peppinid kingdom. The basilica has been co-opted by the modern day Watch (which serves as part of the Vigilant Curia) and is used as a sort of general administrative heart of the region (rivaling Northgate, as in all things). The town is under the complete control of the Lonely Lands Watch as head by Captain Amory Lunly. The Watch is coordinated here rather than at Northgate, though Curia meetings generally occur there.

The town is fairly large and has stone walls to keep it safe. There is a single inn and boarding house within the large square-walled town called Janar’s Stead. It is a lodge-like building run by Janar Hogswen and provides lodging for most merchants who travel to Lanard’s Watch for the market.

The town also plays host to the mage known as Florant the Enchanter, who resides in a walled compound which he had built there from Stonely stone. A domed atrium comprises his home, and a small four-story tall barrel-tower his library. He is said to be a powerful enchanter who uses fell enchantments to have others do his bidding.

As per the old custom, merchants are charged 2 silver towers to enter the gate for every wagon they drive unless it is a market day.

There are several large farming communities near the Watch; the biggest of these are Alaine’s Stead to the southwest and Hogswen to the southeast. These farms are the size of small villages in and of themselves, containing anywhere between fifteen and thirty inhabitants.

Amenities. Other than Janar’s Stead, the town boasts a boarding house for merchants near the southern gate called the Underwall Inn. The town also has several temples; a Galosian temple of the Mystery Right stands not far from Florant’s abode. A temple of the farmer-goddess Eleia can be found on the Kingsway, the road which leach from the southern gate to the square.

On the square is an old basilica which was once the seat of the Second Divine of the Divine College of the Lawkeeper’s temple. Currently, it is a place of faded glory that serves as the center of Hierean worship in the region. It also boasts shrines to Tallial, Halor, and Vaela. The Hierophant of the temple, Laressa Illius, commands a clergy of twenty peacewards and twice as many acolytes and novices.

There are many taverns in Lanard’s Watch, the most well-visited of them being the Oakbarrel which adjoins the outer wall on the western side of the town.

Lanard s watch

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Lanard's Watch

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