Knights of the Hawk

Founded by Halford Lemonte in X475, the Knights of the Hawk were then known only as the Hawk-Riders. At that time, the Byrnish Wastes had been lawless since X.423, and Lemonte was only squeezing the people for money. However, as time went on the Hawks developed into a pseudo-knighthood, taking only the most violent folks in the region.

Since the summer of X.475, Lemonte has terrorized the Wastes. However, the nature of his organization has subtly changed over the years. The Knights of the Hawk have attained some level of legitimacy, and enough power to begin interfering with the politics of other nearby lands.

The Knights rule from their fortress at Ilrein, and though not all of the towns and cities of the Waste recognize them as legal authority, they still manage to extract rents and taxes as though the land was theirs.

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Knights of the Hawk

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