Kingscrown, Wilderlund

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Kingscrown is a region along the Great Wilderlund Road near to the Wilderlund’s western border. It is a small area that has been historically protected by the broken mountain chains that surround it. It got its name in X307 when several townships banded together under the rulership of a central authority; Kingscrown represents the former royal demesne of the Kingdom of Auregnais which was ruled from what is now the Kingskeep Ruin.

Auregnais lasted for three generations until the year X400; in that year, King Ormile le Denore joined in an alliance with the powerful bugbear leader known as Gazarte. The Seats of Meirenia were incensed by the new taxes levied on trade by Auregnais, and the elves of Highstone felt that the alliance represented a dangerous precedent. Together they wiped the Auregniac rulers away in a war (X398-400) known as the Aurengian Campaign.

During the Classical Period (the Milean League and the First Empire) Kingscrown was part of a small number of human-ruled lands between the great Wyrmish conquests that eventually led to the Elf-Dragon War.





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Kingscrown, Wilderlund

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