Greater God Alignment: TN Portfolio: Gateways, death Dogma: Everyone must pass the threshold Epithets: the Gatekeeper

Kemr is a strange God, rarely worshiped by dwarves outside of the funeral service and yet then universally worshiped. There are no Kemrian temples, as every dwarven crypt serves that function. Likewise there are no Kemrian priests, as the clerics of Eiri conduct the death services and, in that hour, give praise to Kemr as well. Yet Kemr is also the dwarven god of doorways and passage, so many dwarves pray to him before undertaking a dangerous journey or beginning a new project. Many mines and other delvings bear the supposed good luck charm of Kemr’s key carved into their works.

Kemr is associated with Akem and may be a different, dwarvish, aspect of the same deity. Yet the dwarves believe that they do not pass through the Seven Gates of Death in the same way as men or halflings or gnomes. For dwarves, Kemr does not come at once, and ever afterwards leaves the secret ways to the Middle World open. Spirits, therefore, are thought of as much more present in dwarven myth and it is said that ancestors may see through stone, taken to mean that any object (whether it be a statue or a jewelry case) carved in an ancestor’s likeness will give them a window onto the world.

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