Size: 500-800 Government: Lord Jaanorell Kelhorne Militia: Ten local men supplemented with rotating detachments of men-at-arms from Redhorne

The town of Kelhorne is a small settlement situated on the northmost foot of the Fork Mountains. A high wall protects the village from the east, where Midvale opens into the Troll Haunt Plain. The town itself huddles beneath this wall like a man desperate for shelter. While the town is managed by Baron Kelhorne, most of its produce goes up the hill to the Monastery of the Red Seal in the mountains.

Jaanorell Kelhorne was once the elvish governor of the Iirian borderlands several centuries ago when the Vales were ruled by Teral. He has come down in station a great deal, having only recently (within the last fifty years) been appointed Lord of Kelhorne by the Order of the Sword Militant with their arrival into Midvale and the establishment of their overlordship.

While there are no inns or taverns in Kelhorne, there is a way-station run by the Order; this station is a fortified manor-house located just outside of the town and surrounded by a narrow moat made by diverting the flow of a small river. Here Order members may get fresh mounts or rest for the evening when on their rounds throughout Midvale. The stronghold is operated by an aging Order seneschal who served in the Second Slaver Wars against Essad. His name is Quintus van Dyre.

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