Princedom Ruler: Endáremellion Mindalethe Capitol: Laituri

Jarvi is a relatively small princedom in Daleädau, in this case belonging to the ancient Mindalethe family. Its chief and largest settlement, Laituri, is one of the oldest of the Princedoms, having been built contemporaneously with the now-abandoned sections of the original elvish capitol of Tursas. The region produces much of the food in the Princedoms in the form of fish, eel, and freshwater crab taken from the Drakesmere Lake.

It also stands as the farthest bastion that stands against the Dragonmoors, and as such possesses several important fortresses that watch the lake for invasion. The city of Madonlo, her other major holding, was once such a fortress that guarded the crossing of the Drakken. In the centuries it has stood, watching the ford, it has grown into one of the major cities of the Princedoms.

The political climate in Jarvi is always relaxed; the Mindalethe have been one of the most historically stable families in the region. They have never been without an heir, and their rule has generally been wise and tempered with prudence. Local nobility come and go, though there are some that cling to their revered status as stretching back almost to the dawn of time.

Military careers are valued perhaps more than most other regions in the Princedoms; military aristocracy are predominant in Madonlo, and fighting the implacable foes raised by the dragons is always considered valorous. For this reason, a large Taliferian cult resides within Jarvi’s borders.

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