Janar's Stead

Inn and Tavern

A three story tall building with a stableyard off to the left, Janar’s Stead stands on the large rectangular green that takes up the center of town, on the left hand side if one where to face the basilica. Converted from an old Avarine administrative building, it is massive in its construction.

The main door leads up a flight of stairs into a large open stone taproom with a flagstone paved stairway against the rear right corner. The right-hand wall opens onto a store room for ale and wine (as well as the stairs to the cellar), and the left hand wall is occupied by the bar proper. A large fireplace stands in the rear wall, big enough to heat the entire chamber, and three chandeliers dangle from the ceiling.

Prices are reasonable: 3 copper per wagon, 5 silver per horse or mule; 1 copper for the common room, 8 copper for a private room, and 4 silver for the nicer private accommodations. These rates are 5 copper/week, 1 pillars/week, and 3 pillars/week.

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Janar's Stead

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