House of Trade

The House of Trade

The unofficial ruling body of the city of Seagard, the House of Trade is comprised of the wealthiest and most powerful of the merchant-aristocracy of that city. The House proper (an actual physical building) is located in the city-center also known as the Government or Temple Quarter.

The House regulates tariffs and dock prices as well as warehouse rental prices throughout Seagard. They dominate trade, making certain that the eight major merchant-families of Seagard continue to be the most profitable in the coastal region as well as maintaining their wealth. Smaller merchants manage to eke out an existence beneath the House of Trade, but those in Seagard who attempt to form rival or competing coasters are normally targeted and destroyed by prohibitive taxes on their properties.

Those who truly seek to challenge the Eight Families of the House of Trade usually do not do so alone, rather enlisting the aid of the Hand of Shadows.

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House of Trade

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