House of Beauclerc

Domus Magnas

The Beauclercs trace their ancestry back to the royal physician of King Aras Galoen, Franque “Beau Clerc.” Franque was awarded with a baronial tenury as a reward for treating the king and nursing him to health from the threshold of Akem. The Beauclercs hold a number of towns near their eponymous manor and receive incomes from them.

The current Beauclercs are:

Magnas Durant Beauclerc and his Magnasse

Amil Beauclerc (b. 463, 39 years old). Amil is a Magnus Avauni in the Avaunite order of the Epistasi. He runs a temple near Beauclerc which was built by his father, the Lord Durant. He has been designated as heir to the barony as well. His personal heraldry is a silver hand grasping a golden sunburst on a green field.

Varante Beauclerc (b. 466, 36 years old). Varante is a knight in the service of the emperor and a member of the Knights of Miles. He wears no personal arms, but has taken the devices of the imperial households.

Thelus Beauclerc (b. 471, 31 years old). Thelus is a minor cleric in the Avaunite order within the capitol, working as a member of the Sunsworn hierarchy at the Hospital of Miles.

Ysolde Beauclerc (b. 472, 30 years old).

Quintis Beauclerc (b. 479, 23 years old).

Leyla Beauclerc (b. 480, 22 years old).

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House of Beauclerc

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