House Anarjent

House Major Title: Duke of Goldhook Patriarch: Darius Anarjent

The Anarjents are a newly created house. Before the ascension of Darius Anarjent to the Dukedom, the Goldhook region was administered by the royal seneschal of Miles. However, in order to bolster support amongst the nobility the former king Tamerin III Galoen (now simply Tamerin ElsoĆ­n) created the Duchy of Goldhook.

The Anarjents are looked down upon by many of the other Houses Major, though a goodly number of Houses Minor look to the former barons of Anarjenor as the shining example of what service to the emperor can bring. This is, most likely, just what the emperor planned.

The family is composed of Duke Anarjent, his wife the Lady Emya, and their eight children. These are:

Aulus Anarjent, eldest son of the family.

Balduen Anarjent

Lydee Anarjent

Hugh Anarjent

Philon Anarjent

Jessica Anarjent

Aldo Anarjent

Myree Anarjent

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House Anarjent

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