House Alere

House Major Title: Count of Bataille Patriarch: Robart Alere

Founded in X22 by the powerful magnate Lord Deven Alere, the Alere family has ruled the city of Bataille and more or less territory around it ever since. During the period of Avaria, Bataille was held by an Aleran conte maior. However, the Alere threw their weight behind the Galoens during the unification of Thyrnesse in order to win the large territory of Dirkshire under their banner which had formerly been a county belonging to the Avarian crown.

The current Count of Bataille is Robart Alere; for generations, the Alere house has had the backing of the elvish mage Telendril the Illuminated. This makes the Alere a potent force to be dealt with, for Telendril is apparently willing to spare no expense to guarantee the protection of the Alere scions.

Robart is married to Enilia of Hamlot and the two have a baby son named Heward.

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House Alere

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