History of Greyholme

A legendarium of dwarf-lore, the History of Greyholme which is, in Orthr, Harnholme Saga, retells the ancient sagas of the dwarves before the drowning of Greyholme (also known as Mountainholme) beneath the Trade Sea. There are few versions in Varan or any other common tongue of men, though almost every dwarven settlement boasts at least one copy. Indeed, the Harnholme Saga may very well be the closest things the dwarven peoples have to a holy book.

Since every Dwarven clan originated in Harnholme in the dawn of time, all feel some connection or other with the lost Homeland.

Rather than a straightforward history, the Harnholme Saga is a collection of hero-stories that begins with the tale of Eri Earthfather and the War of Giants. The very opening lines run, “The Axe he gave was/One of Woe,/For to cleave/The ancient Foe,” which speaks of the Axe of Woe granted to the dwarves during their earliest conflict with the giants. The Saga goes on to speak of the Hammer of Eternity, the other legendary weapon of dwarvenkind, and concludes after the long stretches of history in the Seventh Age.

The smaller stories and lays within the Saga include:

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History of Greyholme

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