Village Population: 500 Government: Alderwoman Lysa Cellars

Hilstan is a small suburb of Hilling, though it is much smaller than the Lamp Country capital. There is a small quarry outside of town to the west and many of the halflings, gnomes, and men of Hilstan (though the village is predominantly halfling, with smatterings of rock gnomish and forest gnomish families and a few men) work at the quarry under the supervision of the Alderwoman. The proceeds of the stone sales are administered by the town itself under direction of its Alderwoman, Lysa Cellars.

Hilstan is a tight-knit community. Much fine stone can be bought there, for the Whitespear’s have granite hearts. Outsiders are not rare, as Hilling is but a few miles south. However, Hilstan is a town with a much slower pace, and flashy or “fancy” outsiders can expect a cool welcome. This goes double for meddlers and wizards (like Cyon Greenmantle).

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