Size: ~500 Government: None currently Militia: None currently

Without a central government throughout the Vales, old noble families mostly withered away. The same was true of Hilstadt until the arrival of the Order of the Sword Militant; requiring local proxies to look after their newly acquired lands of Midvale, the Order replicated the regional variant found in their home-land, Thyrnesse. In the case of Hilstadt this meant reinstating an old decrepit family line as the noble Lords of the area.

Hilstadt is nestled amongst the Valestar Mountain range, located only a few miles from the tall peaks. It is a small farming community with an atrophied town-center and many far-flung farms and hunters lodges. The most impressive building there is the manor-house of Permon Hilstadt, the descendant of Hierius Hilstadt, whom the Order empowered to govern the territory.

Permon fled the town during the War of the Colorguard in X.501, leaving it defenseless and without governance. His manor stands empty (save for the Hashtemites it has begun to attract).

Amenities. A temple of Eleia on the northern hilltop of Hilstadt provides for the spiritual welfare of the town. It is a round pillared building made of roughly cut stone with a marble-sheathed dome. An unfinished altarstone stands before the temple for those not of the inner cult to worship, complete with an attached gong for summoning clerics.

The Red Branch also maintains a large tavern and waystation on the same hill across from the temple. It has four floors, the upper ones being devoted to storage, homes, and clerkspace. A massive stable provides for the caravans that move through Hilstadt. The ground floor is a single large taproom with a door in the left wall leading to the stables and a kitchen-yard. The far right corner from the front door is a the bar. The entire place is operated by a gnome with absurdly large facial hair named Myrun Azner.

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