Town Population: ~6,000 Defenses: Local deputies

The town of Hilling is one of the largest settlements in the Lamp Country. Situated well away from the river and towards the mountains, Hilling is less of a discreet town-location as it is a sudden quickening of the omnipresent farmland and houses already scattered throughout the region. Of course, it does possess an ancient Milean marker-obelisk that declares its name and marks the town limit (though plenty of people live next to one another “outside Hilling”).

The town itself is unwalled and situated on a group of small hills. There are many courtyards dedicated specifically to various tradeskills scattered throughout the town, and a central square situated somewhat near its actual geographical center. Above that square, on a high side street, can be found the larger of the towns two inns, the Millpond. Across millpond road there stands a large and impressive temple to Quilian Knowais that is famous throughout the gnomish society of Lamp Country.

Temple of Quilian Knowais

Bookbinder – gnome Ander Dryspell

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