Greater Goddess Alignment: LG Portfolio: Hearth, home, healing, fertility, war, protection, law Dogma: Cleave to thy kin Epithets: the Stonemother

Helden Stonemother is the chief goddess of the dwarves, looking down over the rest of the pantheon with Eiri the Earthfather. She is served by [[Eri∂]], Hyrr, Soeri, Skaldi and Mátta who are her younger children born of Eiri. She is the patroness of the hearth and home. She is worshiped by those who defend the homes of the dwarves, and many soldiers or guardians pray to her name.

Her priests are stern and she is the counterpoint to the free and driven spirit of Eiri; where he urges the dwarves to explore and find new places, to delve deep into the earth and see new things in the roots of the world, to seek out danger and new lands she advises her people to stay safe, to build up high walls, to make laws for their governance, and to protect their kindred.

Many dwarven households contain idols dedicated to Helden in the same way that the inns and houses of men have idols of Vaela and Heimir. Helden may have had an affair with the human god Heimir, as she is also the dwarvish goddess of brewing, and all breweries are inaugurated with her name.

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