The mountainous region of Haugrund separates the Goblin Lands and Umbrinol from the more southerly kingdoms of the Midlands. Within Haugrund are many principalities, beholden to various powers. Iron ore and some few other more exotic ores as well as Rockwood from the Haugrund Rockwood trees are major exports that must journey across the Byrnish Wastes or the empty lands north of Seagard to join the Saltgate Road for trade. When Byrne was strong, Haugrund was very prosperous indeed. Since the loss of the Waste, Haugrund has become less and less urban and more and more militarized.

There are several major dwarven Halls in Haugrund, as well as an enclave of Anuneian elves and three or four trading towns dominated by men. Halflings do not much like the scrub-regions of Haugrund for farming, though gnomes enjoy the wilderness that separates most of the regions major settlements.

Haugrund has gone back to the wild in many places. Where the roads once ran through peaceful vales and mountains, they are now populous with goblin-kin and ogres. Trolls are not plentiful in this part of the world, which is lucky, but other things do lurk within the hills. It is rumored that a dark cult of the ancient Wyrm-kin once lay upon the land, though this may be in part because of the hidden monastery dedicated to the Dragons of Balance.

Regions of the Haugrund:

The Dwarven Vale

The Southern Drammon Shore

The Skaldskogr

The Elf-lands

Ogrenlande Hills

The Drekkmarsh Region

Large settlements:


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