Intermediate God Alignment: CE Portfolio: Suffering Dogma: Joy is in pain, beauty in screams Epithets: the Shrieking, the Flayed One

Hasht is a god of suffering and pain, and his worshipers may seem to be masochists and madmen—and in fact, many are. However, he is also worshiped as Vodei is, in order to turn his eye away. Many of an evil or selfish nature who wish to avoid the sufferings of the world are willing to sacrifice at the alter of Hasht in order to avoid his wrath.

Hasht’s clergy appear mad, covered in running sores and oozing wounds, refusing all treatment for injuries, and wrapping barbs around their flesh to commune with their terrible lord. His temples are rare due to the unwholesome nature of worship, but those who do worship him are spread far and wide and usually do so in their own homes.

His color is a deep crimson red, and Hasht often appears as a thickly bearded man, his hair matted with blood and a wild fire in his eyes. There are speculations that he is the brother of Haeron, and some semi-heretical Hieriean cults believe just that. Whether Hashtimites also do is unknown, as this author has never interviewed one.

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