Hardin's Ascent

Town Population: ~1,500 Government: Ser Castus of the Gate, demesne of Faelus Whiteridge

Hardin’s Ascent (so-named for Grandmaster Hardin le Marne, Grandmaster of the Order from X.34-39) is the gateway to Haeron’s Plateau. While a true garrison lies at Whiteridge, Hardin’s Ascent serves as a resting place for those making the ascent up to the plateau. A large cluster of townhouses make up the town center, but it actually stretches across many acres of rocky vineyard, olive groves, and fig gardens.

The Low Road, so called for its southerly course and its near parallel run with the northern Sword Road, runs through Hardin’s Ascent, switch-back up the steep clay cliffs. Where it passes through the square of the town there stands a statue of Hardin le Marne, triumphantly smashing the skull of a bugbear with his fabled longsword.

There is no manorhouse; Ser Castus resides at the town square in an overlarge townhouse of his own, just across the way from Hardin’s Tun, the alehouse and inn where travelers to and from the plateau generally rest before continuing the ascent.

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Hardin's Ascent

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