Lesser God Alignment: CG Portfolio: Good luck Dogma: Stay hopeful, as your luck will soon change Epithets: the Luckbringer

Harapos is a servant of Fortuna and stands in direct opposition to Tailii. He is a happy-go-lucky god and a favorite of gamblers and risk-takers the world over. Haparian holy-water is prized as a good luck charm all throughout the north and particularly religious (or superstitious) folks wear a small vial of the stuff around their necks.

As the bringer of good luck, Harapos is master of the upper portion of Fortune’s Wheel, and his clerics are welcomed just about everywhere. However, his clergy is not large; about the same size as that of Tailii. Haparians tend to be light-hearted folk. It is not uncommon for a Haparos-worshiper to trust more in luck than skill.

Very few people join the inner cult of Haparos. Those who do are somewhat less freewheeling, and tend to understand the cruel nature of Fortune’s Wheel. These lot generally believe that Haparos only favors those who take the proper measures—in addition, they see it as their duty to make certain the good luck of Haparos is passed on by assisting others when they are at the lower end of Fortune’s turn.

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