Hammer of Byrne

Haeron the Hammerer

Founded as the extension of the will of the Kings of Byrne, the Hammer is a military order that comprises the most powerful mages in that kingdom (who shun allegiance to the Grand Conclave) as well as clerics of Haeron. The Hammer has developed beyond a simple honorific applied to the defenders of the realm – instead they have become an organization with their own coffers and agenda, usually one that matches what the current Kings of Byrne are after.

However, it is not unheard of for for the Hammer to have disagreements with the crown both publicly and privately. The Hammer is ruled by democracy, as it is never large enough for a real bureaucratic structure to develop. At it’s largest, there were 15 members (3 wizards, 5 clerics, and a retinue of knights). The Hammer has a reputation as being sort of a shadowy organization, meeting in secret and deciding the fate of the country. It must be noted that, to date since X310 the Hammer has never acted out of self-interest.

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Hammer of Byrne

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