Hammer Gully

Size: ~800 Government: Head Foreman Locale Militia: 50 members, dedicated town guard

General Information. Hammer Gully is located near the foot of the northern range of the West Wall mountains at the bottom of a shallow defile. Much of the town is located above ground, though many mines have been drilled into the mountain range and the steep cliff-face that faces the West Wall.

The town itself is composed of longhouses made of wood scattered in a haphazard way throughout a muddy expanse. Many dwarves live together in bunkhouses with their husbands and wives and other dwarves to boot. A single stone smelter stands by the mine entrances, open to the outside air by many gaping archways that stand three or four men tall and but a single man wide.

The clan who dwells there, the Hammerstones (or Gersteinn), are hill dwarves that mine coal and small veins of iron in the West Wall range.

Amenities. The only place to drink and eat that is not the home of some gnome or dwarf in Hammer Gully is Vedlin’s Drinking Hall. The owner, a gnome named Vedlin, built the place when he realized the fortune to be made off of brewing ale and serving the whole town rather than letting every dormitory fend for itself. The hall is a square building set a few feet up from the ground on risers. It has a tall sloping roof, a stone fire-pit in the rear, and three long trestle tables that can sit forty to a side. His prices are more than fair (2 silver fingers for a meal, 5 copper knuckles for a cup of beer) and he is also willing to let outsiders sleep in his Hall (though it has no beds) for 8 knuckles a head per night.


Head Foreman: Eivr Hammerstone

Others: Holman the Cooper, Hargrin the smith and his brothers Hargram and Halgrim

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Hammer Gully

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