“Always plan,”

Halorian Aphorism

Captain's Baton

Lesser God Alignment: LN Portfolio: Strategy, Tactics, Soldiers Dogma: Plan carefully before acting and know the aphorisms of the past Epithets: the General, the Steady, the Sure

Halor has no temples dedicated to his worship, though many Haerien temples that also have an altar to Talliel have one dedicated to Halor. Many soldiers revere Halor (over Talliel) due to his nature as a watchful and dutiful god. Generals pray to Halor before major battles. He is one of Haeron’s many sub-gods serving as the Smith’s personal assistant.

While Halor has no temples and few clergy, he is the patron deity of the now-famed Order of the Sword Militant, a semi-mercenary order of paladins that utilize a system of chapterhouses to organize their membership.

He is depicted as a wise veteran warrior with a rod of captaincy in one hand and a shield in the other. His symbol is the captain’s rod which he carries and his colors are silver and blue.

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