Halmun Deepdelve

Lesser God Alignment: TN Portfolio: Crafts, mining, stone, minerals, gems Dogma: The only true good is hard work Epithets: the Tireless

Halmun Deepdelve is the patron of rock gnomes and, as is the nature of rock gnomes, of ceaseless labor. While most halflings interpret the will of Deepdelve to do a good days work and know when to stop, gnomes who worship the Tireless Halmun frequently push themselves until they literally are physically incapable of working any further.

The Deepdelve is much more popular amongst rock gnomes than forest gnomes OR halflings (though the sterk halflings are much more likely than the other strains of that race) for that reason. Dwarves in particular admire the work ethic of those who worship the Deepdelve, and there have been cases of dwarves going over to his worship for that reason.

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Halmun Deepdelve

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