Serving as a marketing center for the farming community in the Dorlish Hills, Greywater was once the site of a Tharian cult center during the imperial period (115-375). It is a small town situated on a hilltop overlooking the valleys and dells with a commanding view normally associated with ring-towns or fortresses. It is comprised of several small lanes surrounding a central courtyard where a statue of Tharos himself once stood. The pedestal and feet of the statue remain, while the rest has been destroyed by the local townsfolk.

The town itself is built primarily of wood and surrounded by a wooden pike-wall (one with no space for defenders to stand atop it) and a single large wooden gate allows entrance to the village. There is also an old Tharian temple (shaped in the peculiar sharp-roofed style with low archways that the Terlian cult was fond of) that has been converted to an Eleian chapel.

The town experiences a certain amount of raiding from the orc infested Dorlish Mountains, but it has never been on a large scale, generally amounting to little more than a tribute. There are no warriors or soldiers in the town, and only ten of the local farmers even own arms to defend themselves with.

Greywater is governed by town council with the elder cleric Daemarus have a huge say in local affairs. He is a respected member of the community and, together with his niece Elara, he runs the temple dedicated to Eleia.

It is said that the cult left “cursed treasures” beneath the temple-vault though this has never been proven one way or the other. There are certainly tunnels in that direction, but no townsfolk have been willing to descend there for a generation or more.

Greywater earned its name for the deep central well that is located near the defaced Tharian statue and the gray flecks of stone that can sometimes be found in water drawn from that well.

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