Grenag's Quarry

Town Population: 500 Government: Grenag, orcish captain

Grenag, a brutal orcish warleader, captured this quarry south of Stonely in X589 and has run it ever since. He delivers the Stonely tithes on time, and sells the rest of the stone to both the Empire and to the orcs in the mountains. He has yet to be flushed out by forces from Farway Castle, probably due to the Stonelies uneasy truce with Gernag’s warband.

The Quarry (previously known as Haiden’s Quarry) is a small community of men living in the hills who are now under the thumb of orcish overseers who treat them like prized slaves. Life isn’t terrible hard in the quarry, but escape is nearly impossible as the war band hunts down those who make it free and will gladly slaughter any family left behind.

The Quarry is a vertical pit dug into a large granite-cored loam hillside. The orcs have had trouble with tunnels recently uncovered by the quarrying, which apparently house troglodytes and other things of the deep.

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Grenag's Quarry

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