Green Wizards of Silversong

The Green Wizards are the most powerful and numerous of the many varied cabals of the Silversong Forest. They first came to prominence during the War of the Moon and managed to actually take command of the kingdom once the royal family was slain. At the time many of the noble houses were highly suspicious of the Green Wizards, but they have become known as the arm of the new elf-kings and are completely subservient to them.

They supported the Hightower Kings after Thorindel Hightower was elected to rule the forest and when the line finally died (in X.52 with Queen Auralindelai Hightower) they transferred their allegiance to the new king.


The organization of the Green Wizards is very loose. Essentially, each senior member is known as an estar; there are generally between ten and twenty estari at any given time in history. Currently, the estari number eighteen, four of whom reside in Tyrma. Each estar generally trains a single apprentice for a period of sixty years; this may be followed by training a second apprentice or not.

Below the estari council are the moderately powerful alem who form the ranks of the Green Wizards. They are sometimes divided into three groups: the lesser, or junior, alem; the regular or median alem; and lastly the high alem who act as leaders amongst the Wizards.

The High Estari of Tyrma

These four estari form a council within the council and are the defacto leadership of the Green Wizards. They are aware of all the activities of the other wizards through various magics and informants: very little occurs within the borders of Silversong that the Four Estari do not soon scry out.






Level 1

Amber Speech


Range: 0 Components: V, S
Duration: 1 rnd./level Casting Time: 3
Area of Effect: caster Saving Throw: None

This spell, once cast, grants the mage the ability to issue rudimentary requests in the languages of animals, fish, and trees. There is no guarantee that they will obey, however, so the wizard must couch them in kind terms and may be aided by making offerings. Note that this spell does not grant the wizard any ability to understand the creatures with which he is attempting to communicate.

As a general rule, assume that the wizard may speak one complete (and relatively long) sentence for every round this spell remains in effect. Simple requests to friendly animals are likely to be obeyed (“Show me where the elf-king’s bones lie”) while more complex, difficult, or demanding requests are significantly LESS likely to be obeyed.

A special note about trees: Since they are immobile and generally offer very little aid in terms of information or assistance, here are some thoughts on requests: asking a tree to point the way someone went, begging it for assistance in a fight (in which case it might drop a branch or trip with its roots), etc.

As always, the DM has final say.

Detect Necromancy


Range: 0 Components: V, S
Duration: 1 rnd./level Casting Time: 1
Area of Effect: 10×60 ft Saving Throw: None

This specialized detect magic functions only to detect the stain of the art of Necromancy. It ignores all other magical fields and can identify the emanations of the necromantic applications of the Art in the exact way that Detect Magic can. Even more, it can detect the residual energies left by the art of a Necromancer still on his person up to an hour after the Necromancer has cast a spell from that school.

Wizard Ward


Range: 0 Components: V, S, M
Duration: 10 minutes/level Casting Time: 1 minute
Area of Effect: 10ft sq + 5ft sq/level Saving Throw: None

This is a lesser version of the more powerful warding spells used by the elves. When cast, the wizard must pace the area to be protected by the spell and sprinkle a special powder made of ground stone (preferably amethyst or some other type of gemstones) to define the region of protection which can be a maximum size of 10ft sq plus 5ft sq per level.

Anyone attempting to cross over the barrier from the outside once it is completed must make a save vs. paralyzation or become befuddled and confused, wandering away for 1d4+1 minutes before the confusion clears. The subject has no recollection of seeing the barrier or what it contains.

The saving throw is penalized by 1 point for every every 100 gold value increment of the gemstone used to define its barrier, to a maximum of -5 at 5,000 gold pieces.

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Green Wizards of Silversong

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