Green Wizards

Wizard’s Circle

The Green Wizards are the most powerful and numerous of the many varied cabals of the Silversong Forest. They first came to prominence during the War of the Moon and managed to actually take command of the kingdom once the royal family was slain. At the time many of the noble houses were highly suspicious of the Green Wizards, but they have become known as the arm of the new elf-kings and are completely subservient to them.

They supported the Hightower Kings after Thorindel Hightower was elected to rule the forest and when the line finally died (in X.52 with Queen Auralindelai Hightower) they transferred their allegiance to the new king.


The organization of the Green Wizards is very loose. Essentially, each senior member is known as an estar; there are generally between ten and twenty estari at any given time in history. Currently, the estari number eighteen, four of whom reside in Tyrma. Each estar generally trains a single apprentice for a period of sixty years; this may be followed by training a second apprentice or not.

Below the estari council are the moderately powerful alem who form the ranks of the Green Wizards. They are sometimes divided into three groups: the lesser, or junior, alem; the regular or median alem; and lastly the high alem who act as leaders amongst the Wizards.

The High Estari of Tyrma

These four estari form a council within the council and are the defacto leadership of the Green Wizards. They are aware of all the activities of the other wizards through various magics and informants: very little occurs within the borders of Silversong that the Four Estari do not soon scry out.





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Green Wizards

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