Town County: Coer Population: ~6,500 Defenses: County knights Government: Count Regald de Coer
Heraldic Sign: Lion rampant gules on a field d’or

Graystone is the center of the County of Coer, which supplies grain to Miles, as do many of the hearthland baronies and counties. The town is a bustling center overshadowed by the importance of nearby Miles, which lies only twenty rods to the south. A central market is held ever second Heimirus in the marketplace, and thus the town draws many from the northern part of the hearthland.

There are cobble streets, many stone buildings, and an ancient half-ruined Milean wall, which the town has overgrown. The streets are winding little switchbacks, filled in by the construction of more and more townhouses as Graystone grew in size and influence amongst the towns nearby.

A wealthy county, its passage was not without contest. The old count, Orvon Coer, had three sons; two of them were of an age: Regald and Felix. However, Felix was a bastard, born of a merchant-woman in the town. In X.496, when Regald and Felix were both twenty years of age, Regald and his younger brother Vulminus decided that they would not allow their father to pass his land to Felix. In the summer of X.496 they arranged to kill both their father and his bastard son whom he had adopted by Milean law the year previous.

The boy Felix survived; Count Orvus did not. Then-king Tamerin the Second confirmed Regald in his position as count. It is said that Felix fled the kingdom.

The town itself is quite large, home to nearly seven thousand people. As in most regions of the Hearthland, the majority of the town’s population is actually composed of freemen without servile duties of any kind. Only some two hundred or so townsfolk are bound to the Mediani by legal duties. With such a high population of freemen, the town has prospered by limited self-rule. A town council composed of the wealthiest landed merchants and the high priests of the temples co-governs alongside the Mediani, who cannot take certain measures without approval from the council.

The town is organized around the two loci of the Graystone Market and the Salus River. The market provides a central place for all mercantile activity, and thus many shops line both the marketplace proper and the streets surrounding it. Of course, all buying and selling in the market is subject to taxation. Market rents are marked at 8% to the emperor and 2% to the Mediani. Thus, the Assessor who organizes the markets takes a gold coin from every merchant upon their entrance; theoretically eight silver towers find their way to Miles and two towers to Grayhall.


Besides the Hall of Sacred Law, Graystone boasts a temple of Eleia and one dedicated to Fortuna as well as a Sign of the Frothing Mug. The largest inn in the town is the Kingscoin, located on the market. Additionally one may find outposts of the Hearthland Traders and Pandar’s Procurements on the southern and northern sides of the marketplace respectively.

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