Intermediate God Alignment: LN Portfolio: Mines, mining, engineering, planning Dogma: Attend your duties with care and you shall not falter Epithets: the Miner, the Builder, the Architect, the Engineer

Grafar is one of the sons of Eiri and Helden, and alongside Glíta and Brunr make up the following (or sub-pantheon) of the Earthfather. He and Brunr Brightbeard have a tempestuous relationship, as do their clergy, though it is said that Grafar admires the stoic adherence to work represented by Glíta. Indeed, many rock gnomes have taken to the worship of Glíta or Grafar, the Dwarvish Brothers of Work.

Grafar, so the eddas say, constructed the palace of the king in Hârnholme as well as having designed the very foundations of the earth itself to prevent Mi∂gar from spilling into the Seven Gates.

Grafar’s clergy are known as the Sacred Architects, and there are at least a few present in every major folkhall. They are consulted on all building projects of any size greater than a simple home expansion. It is said that they can test the very earth with their keen ears and it is true that Grafar has granted them the ability to presage a collapse with a horrible tightness in their stomachs. While not all dwarven engineers are Sacred Architects, it is considered folly to begin a new large-scale building venture and not at least consult with one and ask for the blessing of the Builder God.

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