Administered from the Ducal capital of Anarjenor, Goldhook is an extremely wealthy region of the empire. It is peppered with mines and has a disproportionately large number of dwarves and gnomes for it’s population size. The duchy was formerly the seat of the Auruxol family, who ruled Thyrnesse from X.254 to X.412, beginning with the duke Caldus Auruxol. When the crown of Thyrnesse was unified under the Galoen kings (Aras Galoen being the first, installed by the Conclave in X.412), the Auruxol remained in control of their duchy. It was under Tamerin the First that the Auruxol dynasty was extinguished—a rebellion of massive proportion rocked the newly unified kingdom. Once the rebellion was extinguished, the duchy was integrated into the hearthland.

The Duke of Goldhook, Darius Anarjent, was appointed by Tamerin III, is fiercely loyal to the Avar crown and has been the backbone of Emperor Tamerin’s war-strategy. Darius was granted Anarjenor as his capitol and the ancient seat of Castel Auruxol was renamed Castle Arjent. The vast incomes of the Goldhook mines were diverted to fill the coffers of the emperor. Goldhook’s mints provide the imperial coinage for the entire realm, paid in vast taxation to the throne where it is then redistributed by grant and gift, which puts new coinage into circulation empire-wide.

The emperor often floods the duchy with slave labor produced by imperial decree when death sentences are commuted to slavery in the mines.

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Dwarves in Goldhook

Auruxol contains a the great city of Hammerval, a dwarven folk-hall complete with clans and working mines. Its foundation stretches back into the semi-mythical period of the First Empire when the Halkonungrinn were granted a Colony Stone from the Everking of Hârnholme himself. Vast numbers of dwarves (in comparison with the rest of the empire) inhabit Goldhook. The great clans of Hammerval pervade the villages and (sparing) few towns of the duchy.

The Goldhar are an ancestral princely clan of the great city. Their clan name refers to the predominance of their golden hair. Many golden beards can be seen in the great city of Hammerval and its satellite settlements. They are one of the ancient noble clans of Hammerval, having lived in its walls since the city’s founding.

The Goldhar clan-prince, Aedwin Thorosson Arnulfr Goldhar, is also the hall-prince of the city. He is known for his conciliatory politics with the imperial authorities and often refuses the advice of the elder thanes of his council, who were appointed by the hall-prince Thorgi Malufsson Vhítøx nearly two centuries ago.

The thanes of the Goldhar clan are:

Halgrinn Magnisson
Thorold Gurnisson
Haraldr Hadrasson
Thinga Alfirsdottir

The Vhítøx are one of the great noble clans of the duchy. Their name means “white-axe,” and they are a clan of weaponsmiths who provide swords and spears to the city. They are one of the more powerful noble clans in Hammerval, having hosted a string of hall-princes in the last few generations. Their leader, the clan-prince Hurri Goroldsson Thengrist Vhítøx, stands in open opposition to Prince Aedwin.

The thanes of the Vhítøx clan are:

Tolmund Fargonsson
Grimund Berdredson
Eirik Angirson
Malgir Hurlison
Forgrinn Alaksson
Thormar Thormansson

The other noble clans, of lesser importance, are the Barsteinn (Blackstones), Drengrinn (Stouts), Eikir (Oakwood), and Fjalltind (Highpeaks). Their thanes are:

Torsti Oroldsson Magnus Barsteinn
Otha Othasdottir Horolf Drengrinn
Ledda Hengisdottir Lond Eikir
Torri Torrisson Tordir Fjalltind

The Hársmitha are the minting and smithing clan that produces the coinage for the entire empire. The Hársmith clan-prince is Ogundir Logirsson, and he personally owns many of the smelters used to melt the Auruxol gold.

The Strekdei are the mining clan that controls the mines directly adjacent to the city, including the works at Nainon and in the mountains. The Strekdei clan-prince is Agmundir Agmundirsson, and he is a very conservative dwarf indeed, little concerned with the goings-on outside the mines.

The Boerhúl clan includes most of the largest farms in the duchy.

The sign of the city is a pair of crossed hammers above a triangular mountain peak. The other sign of import, that of the Strekdei, is a mining pick with its pick side down, surmounted by a dwarven lamp. This sign marks out mines of importance in the Duchy.

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