Gods of the Dwarves

The Gods of the Dwarves
Diety Align. Portfolio Epithets Holy Symbol Colors

Arodr CG Winds, poetry, eddas, history, furor the Songfather A hunting horn Grey and blue

Agírni LE Greed, horded wealth, hidden things the Hoarder, the Kinless A pile of golden coins Gold and black

Brunr LG Smithcraft, fire, forges, volcanoes the Forgemaster, the Fireheart A triangular mountain with a fire in its heart Red and sooty grey

Brynjar LN Armor, fortifications, armorers, warriors the Armour, Oakenshield An oak roundshield Brown and gray

Eiri Jorfadher LG Kingship, dwarven law, exploration, craftsmanship, the earth and stone the Earthfather, Dwarf-father Three mountains in a pyramid shape Brown and gemstone colors

Eri∂| Erith CE War, chaos, carrion the Crowfeeder, the Tombbuilder, the Sonslayer A burning short sword Steel grey and red

Geilden NE Thieves, shadows the Creeping, the Sneak A soft soled boot Black and silver

Glíta NG Art and Scholarship the Reader, the Craftsman A chisel and hammer Grey and purple

Grafar LN Mines, mining, engineering, planning the Miner, the Engineer, the Builder, the Architect A lantern Yellow and black

Hyrr LG Hearth, homes, healing the Hearthwife, the Homebuilder A hearth stone Orange and red

Helda Gryrmodhr LG Protection, defense, brewing the Stonemother An open hand, fingertips facing downwards, cupped Stone gray

Kemr TN Death the Gatekeeper, the Guest, the Stranger A gatewarden's key Black and gray

Ljúg CE Lies, tricks the False, the Kithless A silver ring Silver

Nithrar LG Gold, gems, coins, hidden wealth Goldenbeard, Keeneye A golden coin Gold
Mátta LG Strength, valor, battle, childbirth Longbraid, the Ox An ox head Dusky red-brown

Meidhos LN Weaving, time the Wounded A spinner's wheel White and brown

Mordrig CE Vengeance, murder the Mad, the Raging A bloody dagger Blood red

Skaldi LG Family, kinship, the clan the Maiden, the Fair A clan-shield Brown, gold

Soeri LN Brotherhood, oaths the Oathkeeper, the Just A clenched fist Slate, copper

Vodulfr CE Weather, storms, the sea the Deepfather, the Sea King A torn sail Sea green and aqua

Eiri Earthfater

Greater God Alignment: NG Portfolio: Mining, Gems, Crafting, Adventuring Dogma:* Dig deep, travel far, test the bounds. Epithets: Earthfhater, Dwarf-father

Eiri Earthfather is the chief amongst the dwarven gods, having crafted the dwarves himself. He is also responsible for the threading of the earth with gems and veins of rare ore (or so the dwarves say) and thus the very act of mining is a prayer to him. Craftsmanship is also thought of as devotion to Eiri.

Eiri was one of the first Gods, depicted as living in Valingas in the earliest of dwarven legends. It is said that he made the dwarves as an act of devotion to prove to his wife Helden Stonemother his love for her (probably AFTER his affair with Leesha Roseheart as reported by gnomish and halfling legends). Many dwarven adventurers worship Eiri–his ethos encourages dwarves to strike out and make new colonies.

Helden Stonemother

Intermediate Goddess Alignment: LG Portfolio: Hearth, Home, Healing, Fertility, War, Protection, Law Dogma: Epithets:

Helden Stonemother is the patroness of the household and hearth in Dwarven theology. Most guardians and defenders of the Dwarf-nations are beholden to Helden Stonemother, and her temples are often run by the dwarven state. As such, the defenses of the dwarven lands are weighted towards dwarf-women.

Many dwarven households contain idols dedicated to Helden in the same way that the inns and houses of men have idols of Vaela and Heimir. Helden may have had an affair with the human god Heimir, as she is also the dwarvish goddess of brewing, and all breweries are inaugurated with her name.


Lesser God Alignment: NE Portfolio: Horded wealth, coin, thieves, secrets Dogma: Epithets:

Geilden is the lesser scion of Eiri and Helden, a dark and unfortunate god whom the dwarves shun. His shrines and altars are secretive, mostly hidden within dwarven Folk-holds in places where the authorities do not look. While worship of Geilden is rarely outlawed, it is deeply frowned upon.

Kanar Konung

Demigod Alignment: CN Portfolio: Redemption, Strength, War *Dogma: Epithets: the Deathbreaker

Kanar Konung was a dwarf-king of the Arinnfell in the Fourth Age who defied the spirit of Kemr, the God of Death, and returned to life to seek vengeance on his betrayers. For this, Kemr made him a demigod and took him under his wing. All acts of violence or war are considered blessed to Kanar Konung. War-hymns sing of the Deathbreaker and the Stonemother, but rarely of the Earthfather, for he frowns on the wanton slaughter of his peoples.


Greater God Alignment: CE Portfolio: The sea, merchants, storms, waves Dogma: Epithets: Deeplord


Greater God Alignment: CG Portfolio: Weather, winds, poetry, furor Dogma: Epithets: Songfather


Greater God Alignment: TN Portfolio: Death Dogma: Epithets: the Gatekeeper


Intermediate God Alignment: LN Portfolio: Weaving, Time Dogma: Epithets: the Wounded




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Gods of the Dwarves

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