Gods of Men

The Gods of Men
Diety Align. Portfolio Epithets Holy Symbol Colors

Aros CG Winds, poetry, furor, elves the Wind Lord A four-directional wind burst Blue and white

Akem TN Death the Grim-faced, the Grinner, the Ishtrian Death A gateway Black

Avauna NG The sun, light, healing the Daystar, the Sun Maiden A stylized sunburst Gold and silver

Claustrum LE Slavery, Oppression Lord of the Lock, the Scourge Wrist-chains Slate gray

Dinismayl NE Winter, ice, snow, cruelty, greed, sorrow the Bitch Queen A snowflake Ice-blue and gray

Eiri LG Mining, dwarves the Earthfather Three mountains in a pyramid Brown and gold and all gemstone colors

Eiríni NG Peace, harmony the Concordant A balanced scale Gold and white

Eleia NG Spring, Rebirth, Midwifery, Fertility, Farming the Spring Maiden, the Green Maid An oak tree in bloom Green and orange

Elernus NG Fires, forges, heat, hearthes the Little Flame a small tongue of fire White and orange

Eminea CN Wilderness, Woods, the Moon the Wildwitch, the Woodmaid, the Silver Witch, the Moonmaid A holly bush Green and red

Fortuna CN Fate, gambling, money the Fickle A downpointed right hand with a single finger extended Beige and red

Galos CG Divination, magic the Blind, A five-sided emerald Green

Glyrea LE Serpents, poison the Giantess, the Gorgon, of the Forked Tongue an asp Green and black

Haeron LG Law, metalwork, smiths the Smith, the Hammerer A stylized hammer Gold and white

Halor LN Strategy, tactics, soldiers the General, the Steady, the Sure A stylized captain's rod Silver and blue

Haparos CG Good luck the Lucky A vial of holy water Orange

Hasht CE Suffering the Shrieking, the Flayed One A wounded hand wrapped with a bandage Crimson red

Heimir CG Hopsitality the Joyful, the Drunken A beer barrel Brown and yellow

Insitor LN learning, knowledge the Sower, the Planter A serpent Green

Kha'ina NE Treachery, plotting, deceit the Liar, the Deceiver A dark cloak Blue

Kypselus LE Corruption, decay the Lord of Sin, the Black Hand A black hand Gold and white

Lanelus Aurora CG Dawn the Dawnrider, the Golden A lantern Gold

Meina TN The underworld, the deep sea the Pale A flat level hand Pale grey and blue

Misthoros NE Mercenaries, hired soldiers the Sellsword, the Blade A half-drawn blade in a sheath Red and iron-gray

Omiros NG Stories, storytellers, discovery Farstrider, the Long-strider A bearded sage head Gray

Orult NE Loneliness, madness, isolation the Hermit, the Cackling A wide bloodshot eye White, black, red

Osvea LG The home, the hearth, the family the Mother, the Hearthmaid A fire on a hearthstone Red, white, gray, and biege

Quill LG Scholarship, knowledge, invention the Wise, the Far-seeing A quill Gray and black

Raya CG Beauty, art, freedom, joy, love the Rose-Knight, the Fair A lute Red and orange

Rhamna CE Vengeance the Fleet, the Nemesis A burning blade Red and white

Sabian LG Politics, statecraft the Patrician, the Noble A winged rod Silver and gold

Salan CN Wine, ale, revels the Drunken, the Lech, the Happy A sprig of grapes Purple and blue

Sarnon LN Weaving, fate, time the Weaver, the Inevitable, the Crippled A spinner's wheel White and brown

Sernis NE Secrets, ambition, thieves the Whisperer, the Whispered One, Shadowhaunt A black cloak Black

Tailii CE Ill luck the Cursed TBA TBA

Talleal CE War the War Herald, the Burning A horned helm Red and black

Tharos CE Necromancy, darkness the Necromancer A human fingerbone in a golden hoop Black and green

Tyros LE Tyranny, fear, rulership the Deceiver, the Tyrant, the mad A black skull wearing a bent crown Black, red, and gold

Tuwayn LN Guardians, watchers the Unsleeping, the Unseen A closed helm with an open eye upon it Silver, black, and blue

Vaela LN (G) Travelers, pilgrims, hunters, journeys the Pilgrim, the Wanderer, the Road Warden, the Shield A pilgrim's staff Blue and red

Vodei CE The Sea, Merchants, storms, waves the Rager, the Waverider, the Ruiner of Ships, the Twister of Ways A stylized wave of soapstone Blue and sea-green


Lesser God Alignment: LE Portfolio:Corruption, Decay Dogma: The laws of men exist for your benefit alone. All others use them selfishly, and so should you. Epithets: the Tyrant, the Deciever

Tyros, like Tharos, was once a man. The king of a vanished kingdom known as Yer’is, he betrayed his people and sentenced them to eternal torments beneath the waves in exchange for immortality and godhood with Dinismayl. Vodei hates him, as he was promised to the sea-god when Yer’is sank. Thus, Vodei holds a constant grudge against him and will foil him whenever he can.

Tyros’ colors are black and red, and his sign is a bent crown.

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Gods of Men

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