Goblin Lands

“The West Wall is the only and best defense we can muster against the troubles of the Goblin Lands. A darkness is growing there, like a cancer in the heart of the North, and soon someone must take action.”

The Letters of Carloman Jaric, Letter to Governor Kavale Fenn, 10th Age

West of the West Wall mountains of the Vales lies a great stretch of earth that maps mark only as “the Goblin Lands.” These vast spaces are controlled by the Overking Thymrik, a goblin of such cruel cunning that he has managed to knit together warring goblin kingdoms in the region for nearly seven decades. Rumor says that his life has been extended by unnatural means, black magics or necromancies. His realm is a place of safe-haven for hobgoblins, goblins, bugbears, and beasties of all kinds.

It is rumored that he has aspirations on the West Wall warrens, and the whole of the Vales beyond. Some believe he was responsible for the goblin raids of 494, encouraging the goblins of the West Wall to cause havoc.

Little is known of these lands, for few cartographers dare to brave it. The only description of them extant in any manuscript is Reynard di Llun’s In the Halls of the Goblin King.

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Goblin Lands

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