Intermediate Goddess Alignment: CE Portfolio: Serpents, poison Epithets: the Giantess, the Gorgon, the Snake Queen

Glyrea was one of the ancient goddesses of the giants who came to be worshiped by Mileans after the settlement of the First Empire. She is publicly denounced (though her worship is not proscribed) but privately many important political figures make offerings to her in the hope that she will help “remove” their rivals. Her temples are small affairs, and her priesthood is reviled. Of all the cities in the north, in Miles alone is her worship forbidden. This is because she is thought to bring the stain of poisoners, necromancers, and assassins with her.

Glyrea is often depicted as an alluring woman of gigantic stature. Her temples are all interwoven with the snake sigils and serpentine architecture that was common to her worship even in gigantine times.

Offerings to Glyrea can be made anywhere, though it is proper to her worship to make them at a shrine. These can include the regular bevy of slaughtered animals, but also offerings of one’s own precious blood to bind a pact with Glyrea are not uncommon. There are few members of her inner cult amongst the peoples of the North but those who are are certainly not to be trusted.

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