Lesser God Alignment: CE Portfolio: Thieves, shadows Dogma: Law is for those who cannot take what they will Epithets: the Creeping, the Sneak

Geilden is a dark dwarven god who most prefer not to speak of or dwell upon. He is a lesser scion of Helden and Eiri and legend (and the eddas) say that he was born in the darkness below the earth when Helden was trapped at the hands of the Fire-Titan Phlegethoros in the Fourth Age. Thus, he has an affinity for dark places and creeping works.

Geilden is one of the companions of Agírni, the Kinless. His clerics hide in the dark places of folk-halls, their temples being unknown and unseen save for their secretive worshipers. It is said that they walk in the shadows as their cloak, and that they have a penchant for secret or dark places. Geilden’s worship is a simple business, and his clerics always work on exchange for material wealth and power.

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